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HBO Max Orders a Second Season of Rooster Teeth’s gen:LOCK

by on October 24, 2019

We’re excited to announce that HBO Max has picked up gen:LOCK for a second season! 

The first season of gen:LOCK originally premiered earlier this year on Rooster Teeth, followed by a successful television run on Cartoon Network’s Toonami and a home media release. In addition, DC Comics is currently producing a slate of gen:LOCK comic books meant to bridge the gap between seasons. Season 2 of gen:LOCK will premiere on HBO Max, and 90 days later will be available on Rooster Teeth for FIRST members.

Starring Michael B. Jordan (Creed, Black Panther), this half-hour animated series focuses on a near-future dystopia undergoing a new, technologically driven world war. Dakota Fanning (The Alienist, Twilight Saga), Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones, Early Man, New Mutants), Golshifteh Farahani (Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales), and David Tennant (Jessica Jones, Dr. Who) are all set to return to the series along with Michael B. Jordan.

“We are proud to bring gen:LOCK’s bold vision, inventive style, and extraordinary cast to HBO Max, and to build on the success that our partners at Rooster Teeth and Outlier Society have crafted so skillfully,” said Billy Wee, senior vice president original animation, HBO Max.

“We are proud to bring gen:LOCK’s bold vision, inventive style, and extraordinary cast to HBO Max, and to build on the success that our partners at Rooster Teeth and Outlier Society have crafted so skillfully.”

Billy Wee, senior vice president original animation, HBO Max

“We’re beyond excited to be producing a second season of gen:LOCK for HBO Max,” said Matt Hullum, co-founder and Chief Content Officer at Rooster Teeth. “Billy Wee and the team at HBO Max have been incredibly supportive in the development process, and we’re thrilled to be working closely with them on this project. We were blown away by the response to the first season of this show, both by the Rooster Teeth community and the Adult Swim audience, and cannot wait to bring it to more fans of action, sci-fi, and mecha animation.”

Premiere date and more info to follow in the coming months, but until then, FIRST members can watch all of gen:LOCK Season 1 on Rooster Teeth!

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  1. ShadowShock04 says:

    While I do understand that this wasn’t RT’s decision, I am a bit annoyed, but not at RT. I’m also more willing to wait due to the fact that since Gray is no longer the on writing and directing Gen:Lock, I have no idea how the second season will turn out.

  2. WolfSaints says:

    Just looked it up and HBO Max isn’t coming out until May of this year

  3. Maxee says:

    this is just the natural evolution of the freemium model in this current era, i see this as nothing but a good thing for the company.

    1. Death-BattleFan says:

      Yeah I’m not upset about it either. There’s plenty of RT content to watch and get lost in while waiting for the new season. Plus the digital comics bridging the gap between season 1 and 2.

  4. Crim1knight says:

    FYI, when you go to cancel your subscription.. a window pops up showing you what you the benefits of a First membership that youll be loosing.. Second one is “Watch everything FIRST”….just sayin

  5. Crim1knight says:

    Kinda bummed the community that has supported you doesnt get to reap its “First” rewards… but if thats a required condition set by HBO to even get a season 2 to happen, then meh.. not that upset by it.

  6. KingOfAnime117 says:

    I don’t mind waiting for it. I mean I thought that this show was gonna get canned after Gray left so I’m just happy that it’s getting a second season.

  7. KaiFearing says:

    I find it hilarious that people are so upset that a company who specifically commissioned the progression of a popular series, they get to view it first. That’s just common sense to me. As a first member myself, I’m not upset that HBO peeps get to see the new season first. That’s business guys, its a form of marketing for both companies if you really think about it. If you guys really want to watch it as soon as it comes out, get an HBO Max membership. Otherwise suck it up for 3 months.

  8. ToDanceWithWaves says:

    To everyone who is complaining about the 90-day-delay for FIRST members, I hear you. Especially those who live outside of the USA.

    That said, HBO /ORDERED/ this show. It’s not really up to RT when they put it out for FIRST members. They’re making a product that was commissioned by a client, so naturally the client gets to see it first. It’s not a sign of corporate bullshit or conning you out of your money, it’s simply RT delivering a product first to someone who paid for it directly.

  9. Star357 says:

    This is bullshit!

  10. Death-BattleFan says:

    Yeah It should be available to First Members first. I think the 90 day delay is probably because of RWBY which is a show I also watch and love. Seasons for RWBY typically started in October and it’s set to premiere on November 1. Plus think about it guys. Season 1 premiered on RT at the end of January 2019. 90 days from today is the end of January 2020. So it sounds to me like it will premiere at the end of January.

  11. TJP37 says:

    So they want me to get a FIRST+ subscription now for more money, but are premiering a show on a different paid platform 3 months before the site. I know this couldn’t have been Matt’s decision. The corporate bullshit keeps creeping in. I love this company and I’m hoping they realize this was bad.

  12. Johnny_Whoa says:

    After the price changes, I was reluctant to renew my FIRST membership but decided to go for it, as I’m excited for the new season of RWBY and wanted to rewatch the first season of Gen:LOCK. When I heard that there would be a season 2 of Gen:LOCK as a rumor, I thought it was a great idea to renew it in retrospect.

    But a 90 day delay? I wouldn’t mind that if it was available to view on the site like most other shows, with commercials. But the membership hardly feels worth it with such a massive delay, and with how difficult it’s going to be avoiding spoilers for so long.

    Still, glad to see the show is getting a second season, despite everything else.

  13. ZenLikeCalm says:

    This decision is a massive kick in the teeth by Rooster Teeth to it’s fans outside of the US. The HBO Max service will not be available to anyone outside the US. Looking forward to all of those spoiler as I am forced to wait 90 days to see it. /s

  14. nliknes says:

    oof gonna have to figure out black listing for spoilers. someone remind me that gen:lock exists after the full next season is on RT, ya know for us non americans to watch

  15. Zoladen says:

    So does this mean HBO is footing the bill and producing it, while RT is directing? Can’t say I’m happy about feeling like First membership is loosing a major perk here, but if it means a second season rather than the end of a show due to costs…

    Still a bit hard to swallow. Any chance you could clue us in to the reasoning for this decision to clear it up a bit for us?

  16. phantomsg13 says:

    Well I’m sure there’ll be no spoilers that FIRST* members have to dodge for 90 days waiting for it to come to RT**.

    *First is a title, not accurate description of content disbursement

    **Rooster Teeth, producer of GEN:lock content

  17. davizzle21 says:

    So what are first members now? Chop liver?

  18. Dragondustfire says:

    So first members are getting thrown under the bus again?

  19. MrArthurCrane says:

    So, if HBOMax is paying for Gen:Lock now, I think it would be ideal if the money that RT directly isn’t spending on it can go to other projects like, and I’m just spitballing here… another season of Nomad?

    1. DinoMan21779 says:

      Or possibly RWBY Chibi?

  20. Jing2487 says:

    Like most people I am excited for a season two. Also like most people I am not excited that it is not coming to RT First members well… first. It was the whole point of having a First membership was to get content first.

    With more and more content going to other places there continues to be less reasons to have a First membership. They should just get rid of it.

  21. dpla says:

    I’m sure Matt Hullum observed at what’s given to him, knowing the reception his fan community will bring to this, and would quietly unofficially whisper to us, “Look, I know…I know. But there’s no other choice”.

  22. borisof007 says:

    This feels like a press release and not a blog entry. Also, the optics of this decision and its timing could not be worse.

    Company restructuring + Price increases + content that people subscribed to you for not being on the platform + poor communication to the community about the decision.

    I’m one of your bigger fans but guys and girls PLEASE for the love of god work on your communication. You need to do better by your fans and subscribers here. I’m extremely disappointed.

  23. KMFKatana says:

    Good-day RT media rep,

    Can we get clarification on how gen:LOCK will be distributed to your customers who DO NOT RESIDE within the United States?


    The rest of the world…

  24. AutoMech753 says:

    On one hand, I’m super excited and shouting “YES! YES!! THANK THE MAKER, YES!!!!” by the news of a second season. On the other hand, well, way its coming, with first being on separate streaming service that hasn’t even come out yet over the site that actually makes the show is more than a little worrisome to me.

  25. fourworlds says:

    Not going to lie, really disappointed to hear that gen:LOCK is going to not be available to FIRST members on release … for 90 days even. Considering the recent price increase, this is even more frustrating.

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