Rooster Teeth 2020 Hype Video

by on January 15, 2020

In case you missed it, we just dropped a trailer that shows off a portion of what Rooster Teeth, Achievement Hunter, Funhaus, and Rooster Teeth Animation have in store for 2020. Buckle in and check out the video below.

Get ready to have your mind blown.

Because we know you’re dying for it, here’s a bit more information on the three new shows we just revealed that are coming to Rooster Teeth later this year.

Record Keeper is a new 2D animated series created by Yssa Badiola. Here’s what Yssa had to say about the show:

Yssa Badiola talks Record Keeper sort of

Hardcore Mini Golf reprises Achievement Hunter’s winning formula of mixing leisurely games with high stakes betting. This show will be exclusive to FIRST members. Here’s Geoff Ramsey with an insightful overview of the show:

Geoff Ramsey barely explains Hardcore Mini Golf

No Idea is a brand new comedic concept from Funhaus that gamifies and overcomplicates the most simple, Swedish furniture builds. Funhaus’ James Willems had this to say about their new show:

James Willems from Funhaus with a dumb thing to say about No Idea

What Else from Rooster Teeth?

Expect to see the return of some of your favorites in 2020, including new seasons of Red vs. Blue, RWBY, Board as Hell, and Haunter; and new episodes of Death Battle, Master and Apprentice, The Rooster Teeth Podcast, Always Open, and Off Topic. Plus we’re excited about content we’ve got on the way from a few friends and partners, including Retro Replay, Gary and His Demons, Easy Allies, Cypherden and The Valleyfolk.

2020 promises to be a year of new shows, new seasons, new episodes, and beheaded Geoffs. Let’s go!

  1. DarrenO420 says:

    Need me some RWBY me and my wife watch it together and love every moment of it!!!!!

  2. suicidelemur says:

    Has anything changed with Covid, minus the RTX and AH live events

  3. kyleenmchenry says:

    I am in love with RWBY. I remember when you posted the trailer years ago. I was following Monty because of his fights with the final fantasy characters.

  4. rt-201904061001538747610 says:

    I hope we have the fifth season from Camp Camp this june or july. I haven’t heard Rooster Teeth talking much about it and I’m starting to worry. I really like this show and I just recently bought merch so I just hope the last season gets released 🙂

  5. KDWin says:

    Late to comment, but still giddy about Chump, no idea and the new record keeper!!! So much good content makes me proud to be a first member! First=Goodtime;)

  6. Noblelance says:

    I’d wish she’d have said something more about the show but Yssa is a best girl, so Yssa get views!

  7. sophieturcotte says:

    I want to support an Yssa 🙁 <3

    1. Haru-sama says:

      and OF COURSE there STILL ISNT ANY NOMAD OF NOWHERE!!! ive been waiting so long with no news on that show…… im starting to give up hope that you will ever finish it……same with Gen:Lock surprisingly after all the hype you put up for it……….

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