Three New RWBY Shows Coming in 2020

by on February 11, 2020

Hey, everyone. I’m Laura Yates and I’m the new lead producer for RWBY. I’ve been with Rooster Teeth now for 3 years and most recently I was in charge of post-production for all of Rooster Teeth Animation. Today I’m happy to announce some really cool new RWBY projects in development that we’re making especially for the FNDM. You guys, especially the FIRST members who show up early and mash the refresh button on Saturday mornings, are the reason we’re able to keep building on this amazing universe every year. Because we wouldn’t be able to keep going without the support, we want to give FIRST members more to experience between volumes, including original content and website features, as thanks for the commitment and loyalty.

New RWBY Shows

Later this spring, we’re going to roll out a FIRST-exclusive behind-the-scenes talk show hosted by the one-and-only Kerry Shawcross. We don’t have a name yet (give us ideas in the comments below!), but we can tell you that this show will give you more insight into how CRWBY brings the series to life each season, and what inspires them as artists.

Writer/Director of RWBY, Kerry Shawcross

Later in 2020, we will premiere a FIRST-exclusive live action series that sees members of Rooster Teeth Animation, and probably some special guests, play through a RWBY-inspired Dungeons & Dragons campaign set in the world of Remnant. Raise your hand if you want to see the Rooster Teeth Store roll out (no pun intended) some RWBY inspired D20 dice! 

We’re also in the early stages of development on a handful of new animated shorts featuring original RWBY fairy tales. Presented in a new 2D, mixed media style of animation, these would be the kind of bedtime stories that Taiyang might have read to Yang and Ruby when they were little. This show is slated to premiere later this year exclusively for FIRST members, with more info coming soon.

New RWBY means it's time for Ruby Rose to celebrate

From CRWBY to You(BY)

And that’s not even the end of it. Our amazing engineering team is cooking up some RWBY specific, FIRST-exclusive account customization features for your Rooster Teeth profile that we’ll be rolling out throughout the year, some of which you’ll see this spring.  

And last but certainly not least, let’s not forget that we’re already hard at work on RWBY Volume 8, which you’ll see this fall!

There’ll be so much more to talk about with these projects in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes on the blog, and don’t forget to follow Official RWBY and Rooster Teeth so you don’t miss out on any details. Thank you again for all of your support. Without the patronage of our FIRST members we wouldn’t be able to make this show that we love as much as you do. We’ll always keep looking for ways to bring you even more stories from the world of Remnant. Here’s to more RWBY in 2020!

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  2. thekid27 says:

    Is there a way to watch any of these new shows without getting Rooster Teeth First?

  3. KNN005 says:

    I’d rather get a spin off about the non-main characters since they never get screen time in the show. Like FNKI, CFVY, or a prequel about Qrow.

  4. fb_1098548763657156 says:

    is there any news yet of volume 8 ?

  5. deanrwhite says:

    First, Start a RWBY channel 24/7. On this channel put all RWBY shows and rewinds randomly, but also, add 20 minuets of all RWBY characters in their last positions from latest episode. Show them not frozen but not moving from their spot as if to pick up in their next episode. Show them shifting on their feet and “playing with their environment”. Salem would be destroying and creating grim for fun. Ruby would firing at the grim too far away. Crow would give the head nod to girls in the scene.Penny would be playing with her new powers…. Help us addicted people with a fix of fixed RWBY characters to help bridge the large gap between latest episodes.
    Thanks for the great world we can live in with you. Remnant has no global warming, just global warring.

  6. fb_10220800318747668 says:

    I go to sleep every night watching RWBY Chibi. Its basically my adult phase robotnchicken if that makes any sense. Love this show so much I really do hope u make a S4 (maybe have it take place in Atlas when they were part of their squad doing missions.)

    Also I really wish regular RWBY in general had more content to the main story. The volumes feel too short :/ wish we had more to take in (more episodes/longer episodes)

  7. bk42bk42 says:

    RWBY is one of my favorite anime of all time(either number 1 or 2, hard to pick). I would be happy to see a RWBY D&D campaign done by you all. RWBY-inspired dice sets would be awesome as well since I plan to start doing D&D myself. I can’t wait for Volume 8 of RWBY, especially given the pretty much perfect cliffhanger at the end of 7, but take your time with it. I don’t want you all to work yourselves too much to the point of fizzing out.

  8. KingOfAnime117 says:

    I’m honestly super stoked about the RWBY D&D show. I loved the others that RT made and now we get a new one! The others are cool too. Also, I got, to be honest, I don’t really miss RWBY Chibi. These sound more interesting to me.

  9. fb_116794042918940 says:

    Will there be a RWBY CHIBI season 4?

  10. jdkien77 says:

    These shows are all super exciting. I like what others have said about something like CRWBY-hind the Scenes for the Kerry show.

    As for dice, please release a full dice set (or multiple) and not just the D20. Matching sets are always way nicer imo.

    Plus, please, PLEASE release some way for us to get and play whatever variants on D&D you guys all make. That would be awesome to get in on.

  11. strategydude says:

    RWBY D20 dice would be amazing, would you be willing to sell a copy of the campaign for FIRST members to run, because that would be amazing. I love both D& D and RWBY.

  12. fb_1546771792138531 says:

    I love the new content ideas but as a previous first member I really don’t love the continuous and obvious fuck you to non first members. Rwby used to be my favorite show but everything rt has done in the last two years has made watching it more frustrating than enjoyable.

  13. Mycroft_Holmes says:

    It sounds all amazing I can’t wait for all of it

  14. Translucentairlines says:

    Every time I press the Refresh button, the website logs me out. Not fun. Maybe an option to stay logged in please?

  15. Ninthmetaphor says:

    Yes to the dice. Any more sets to reach my “more than Laura Bailey” goal is always welcome.

    As someone who was wanting to homebrew a RWBY setting, I’d happily just purchase a campaign guide. If it’s a fan made thing you’re doing perhaps get them involved if that becomes on option for the company?

    Some advice for the RWBY D&D show: one of the reasons CR works with having sponsorship is that the ad reads aren’t interrupting the flow of the story telling, so if this goes from First Exclusive to everyone keep that in mind. I just remember Heroes and Halfwits either being in the middle of story beat or a battle and there being an ad just storming in like the Kool Aide Man.

    I say go simple with Kerry’s show: The Kerry Shawcross Show. Like other’s have suggested, it leaves room to talk about other things going on in the company than just RWBY.

    I’d be interested in seeing more than just the fairy tales for RWBY. I’d like more in depth versions of all the World of Remnant videos. I’m all about the world building.

    I hope this all helps. Looking forward to it all.

    1. AssassinNinja27 says:

      I just need to know if they’re also going to release a rwby 5e campaign setting so I can play in remnant in 5e!

  16. JamiSapphire says:

    Hi, as a First basic subscriber, I do second the comment about having a RWBY-flavored First Membership. RWBY is the only show I’ve enjoyed with Rooster Teeth. The other shows do have potential, but I have dived into the rabbit hole for RWBY and have caught up to the beginning as I near my second anniversary of being a RWBY fan (since August 2018).

    I have a few ideas, one of which is “CRWBY: Production Notes” for the show Kerry is about to host.

    The Second, Call the DND RWBY show “World of Remnant” and even release a companion game with it. I would like that very much, as many of the FNDM may enjoy as well.

    Third, My suggestion for the title of the Tales show RWBY will have should be “Tales of Remnant” and begin with the Maidens & The Wizard.

  17. Brai says:

    I’m very excited for the new shows! Especially the D&D one. And maybe you could call the talk show “KRWBY about CRWBY”

  18. gltucker says:

    A D&D 5E world / campaign guide would be fantastic. Let the fans play in the Remnant world!

    1. ashik762 says:

      Thandercats 2011, Scooby-Doo! Mystery, Inc & Sym-Bionic Titan tone & maturity.

  19. kahunabooma says:

    This is awesome for RWBY fans who have First and a nice incentive for those who dont but have been thinking about getting it. I know I need to resub my membership so I can watch all the First content I’m missing amd this is like the cherry on top for me.

    As for the new ideas I like the idea of the show being a pun on Kerry’s name. Like “Shawcross Examine – CRWBY” Or something like that. I’m a sucker for witty show names though I’m not very good at making them myself.

    The D&D game inspired by Remnant has always been a dream of mine to play since RWBY first came out and we got to really dive into the lore of Remnant. There’s so much potential in it too. Like not even from just a merch standpoint. Though I will admit if the module for it ever gets released I’d drop a paycheck on it as soon as I could. Still though I’m excited to see what the team has in store for it.

    As for the concept idea of RWBY inspired dice set. Well I mean if I’m already on board for dropping a paycheck on the module it would stand to reason that I’d double down on the idea for RWBY dice. Oh maybe have the dice have one of the characters symbols as like the 20 side if your gonna use the d20 and have the symbol for the Grimm be used for the 1 side. Is there a symbol for the grimm? Well the concept is there. Or heck maybe if it’s possible for the games team at RT they could do something more custom and the dice set is like character based or something. Where the color scheme of the dice is representative of the character, or each of the dice in the set has the character symbol on it, or both! There’s a lot of possibilities with dice which is odd given how rigid geometric shapes are lol.

    The shorts will be a nice filler while we wait for the arrival of volume 8. Though I will admit I do miss RWBY Chibi. But perhaps this will be just as good if not better than that. And that’s not to say you guys dont plan on bringing it back eventually. Course anything is possible so I should say it could or could not come back and both scenarios are fine. Im looking forward to the art direction for the series as well. As I dont know what it means to be a 2D mixed media format. Would it be something like Ani-Matrix where it’s like different styles of 2D animation but the overall world is the same? That’d be neat. Flex those creative muscles!

    Overall I’m excited for what’s instore for the future of RWBY and RWBY-based content. I look forward to renewing my First membership and enjoying the fruits of your labors of love. Wow that sounded kinda douchy didn’t it? Um… Keep up the great work I’m excited for the future. Yup that sounds less douchy.

    1. AZDfox says:

      That’s a good idea! Maybe have the White Fang logo as the Nat 1? Or have 2 dice sets with the pairs as the colors: like red and white/blue dice, or gold and black/purple dice.

  20. meftical says:

    WTF, no RWBY Chibi???

  21. rt-201810302130071192431 says:

    This sounds great!

    An interest of mine is not only faerie tales, but also myths. NOT the actual god-lore, mind you, but what the people of Remnant believe. ‘Course there isn’t necessarily as much as difference between faerie tales and myths on that world as there is in Texas, some cultures blended them together (just as some argue that it’s all metaphor while others say it’s all literally true).

    ‘Course the great individuality (down to about everyone having their own personal mark) would strongly suggest religion is different in their world than ours, but in a polytheist world with work to respect differences through events like the Vytal Festival, it makes sense that demands of conformity are unusual, which might contribute to why references to the gods tend to be vague.

    I keep hearing them mentioning gods in a general sense, and though it would seem religion is not a powerful force in their world (interesting question, when religious fervor spikes in times of crisis, then why? Was is seen as a negative influence in the Great War where people pray for the victory of their troops, and by extension the death and suffering of their enemies, so that Ozpin worked hard to diminish its influence?) and I’d like to know more about what gods they mean, and their common theology (I imagine to be useful religion would need to be a “do good deeds” rather than merely “you have my prayers” in order to combat the negative feelings that draw Grimm–and if there are actual prisons besides the holding cells we’ve seen, they’re probably deeply involved there, for better and worse). This would naturally inspire saints (and perhaps holy orders).

    The White Fang in Menagerie seemed to be a religious order as much as a terrorist organization and if they have a patron deity (likely at odds with others who worship the same deity with a very different understanding) then I’d like to know about it, as just one example.

    (Speaking of which, I’ve noticed the word ninja used, and ninjas were originally a religious order, and I have fun imagining how they’d been different in the world of Remnant. Perhaps they got started even before the apocalypse and continued on in some sense, surviving long enough to participate in the Great War, which Ozpin saw as necessary to eliminate, or at least cut down to size, though the survivors would just start other organizations elsewhere, but “ninja” was now be a word they use.)

    I’ve noticed Qrow and Ruby both wear crosses. While not necessarily religious, the crosses obviously reference something, and I’m curious how it shapes their characters

    Just a humble request, and a sign of how invested I am in the world of Remnant, and especially the characters.

  22. EnabledSeal says:

    How about “render farm” that way other shows could also be featured

  23. gdjo4201 says:

    i’ve already promised my game group that if a RWBY rpg setting/system is released i will get it ASAP, they have been asking about a rwby campaign for quite some time.

  24. V2Blast says:

    I’m excited for the D&D show set in the world of Remnant! 🙂

  25. TheRealJasmin says:

    Behind the Scene Working Title:
    -Work Behind Remnant

  26. TurtlePowers42 says:

    I’m so down for the DnD plus more animations.

  27. Tazzles1410 says:

    I can’t wait for the Remnant campaign, and I NEED some RWBY dice in the store (particularly the Australian store please)

  28. Zadkiel2187 says:

    It seems that if you don’t continue chibi the fanbase could become QUITE irritated…

  29. SonOfABludger says:

    Very excited! Maybe KRWBY is the obvious choice of title? But also I was really hoping for Chibi over the fairy tales… but still looking forward to all of it!!!!!

  30. SparkSeed says:

    Not gonna lie, but I would love some DND stuff and bedtime stories with Taiyang!

  31. JNDragneel says:

    I would love the dice

  32. nonielb says:

    I love this whole thing, but especially seeing so much RWBY-related content, I’d like to propose something:

    How about a “flavor” of FIRST which provides access to RWBY-related stuff only?

    Cheaper than the full FIRST membership.

    Maybe i’m being disrespectful to the rest of the Rooster Teeth productions, but truth be told, some of us care a lot more about RWBY than anything else.

    I only have FIRST membership during RWBY’s in-season and would for sure keep my membership the entire year if it wasn’t so expensive to me (i’m brazilian and we’re currently at 4.4 to 1 in currency exchange. it’s extremely expensive)

    And having so much content spread throughout the year and FIRST-exclusive makes it kind of hard for people like me who cannot maintain a year-round membership.

    I dunno. Just a thought.

    Either way, CRWBY ROCKS!! Volume 7 was AMAZING and i’m really really proud and thankful to you guys! Keep being amazing!

  33. WHM says:

    I’m truly interrested in the Fairy Tale part. RWBY is a world of fairy Tales and discover them will be great. Also the DnD RWBY like game makes me smile because I started sometime ago the concept of something similar. Well it’s inspirated but…
    The World of Remnant is the World of Remnant.

    1. WHM says:

      What I mean is that Monty Oum gave us a great word that we keep exploring. « My Game » is an adaptation for my players to enjoy without spoilers.

  34. Xelian says:

    I love the sound of all of this!

    1: I really enjoyed the behind the scenes stuff we got for V6, so more of that would be awesome.

    2: D&D is fun, I’ve no idea how well that system will line up with RWBY’s world, (Someone said Exalted might be a good fit) but I can’t wait to see how!

    3: Oooh those sound fun, I really hope it is Yang telling the stories as she was the one raising Ruby and tell her bed time stories as kids so it would be a great callback to have lil Yang reading them.

  35. JacobMarquis says:

    Yes Please so hard for the RWBY Dice! DnD is a huge part of my life, as is keeping up with RWBY. Also if you ever did even a 3rd party unnofficial dnd sourcebook for RWBY I would totally throw money at you guys for it XD

  36. WinterMagus says:

    I was literally screaming with excitement seeing and reading this announcement. Congrats to Kerry for getting the opportunity to be a host, and I’m so stoked to see CRWBY again. 2020 is gonna be EPIC.

  37. Glitter_Chasm says:

    Sign me up first for the D&D stuff. Please tell me you are selling the campaign stuff too!!!!!! I need it all!!!!

  38. DinosaurFan11 says:

    Nice! I’m glad there is still more shows and content to see and enjoy before having to wait for Volume 8. I hope with those fairy tales we may learn more about some of the characters. Maybe there’s a story told about Summer for Ruby and Yang to enjoy from Taiyang. It would be cool to hear Burnie Burns tell some stories and same with Shannon McCormick.

  39. GuppyGaby says:

    Y’all keep on rocking and rolling!

  40. Ipsi says:

    Will the shorts be available to watch for non first members at least later?

  41. Xuelder says:

    Could you guys consider posting any character options or modules you make for this D&D session on DMsGuild ( That would be highly appreciated.

  42. cheater59 says:


  43. James_C says:

    Dude!! I can’t wait!!!

  44. ajroche419 says:

    Will the RWBY DnD stuff be made public for everyone to use? I’d love to use it in my own campaign at home since our current campaign might be coming to a close around when I expect this show to premiere.

    1. authormartin says:

      Me too! As a DM I would LOVE to incorporate stuff from RWBY into my D&D game.

    2. Glitter_Chasm says:

      PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! I will BUY that book, module, w/e, but I need it!!!! PLEASE RT let me get some D&D guides to Remnant!

    3. Vinnrek says:

      Ohhh rwby dnd sounds fun, hopefully something like a setting/mechanic books comes out of it, it would make running home games in remnant so much easier.

  45. ajroche419 says:

    Any word on whether RWBY Combat Ready is getting anything new added?

    1. gdjo4201 says:

      i would love for them to at least put out a JNPR expansion, but that would require them confirming the game was ever even released. there was no promotion and they’ve not acknowledged the game practically since before the kickstarter.
      it still has exponential potential, as does a physical version of the mobile deck builder. but they refuse to properly promote ANY tabletop game, and then react with utter confusion when the games under sell. if they did a hard reboot of combat ready that updated it to volumes 4-5 and fixed it’s MASSIVE balance issues i would back it, but they are scared. the only reason they are doing D&D is to jump on the “critical roll” band-wagon, let’s just hope they actually follow through this time.

  46. TearsOfLA says:

    The BTS series needs to be named CRWBY-hind the scenes, also, I need a rwby overhaul of dnd and I’m gonna need it on my desk by friday.

  47. moondemon says:

    I am here for RWBY style dnd game!!! Will you be releasing the rule set too so people can play at home?

  48. RedPLague3 says:

    RWBY inspired Dice sets? Im so down for that, holy moses am I donlwn for that.

  49. ObsidianCrovell says:

    *raises hand so high* I would love RWBY D&D merch, even better is if you would publish that campaign so that i can play it too

    1. Scevus says:

      Hey Obsidian check out our Reddit Post regarding a RWBY D20 System that we built from scratch.

    2. coolbrieze says:

      I second that motion

    3. gdjo4201 says:

      if they don’t we riot!

  50. theZAPAR says:

    I for one would love RWBY D&D merch!

  51. lordzoabar2 says:


  52. Scevus says:

    My name is Scevus (Zach) and I am one of the Co-Founders of Hot Swappable Gaming. I am hoping Laura sees this. We have been on YouTube for a couple years, recently running a RWBY D20 Series with a full on custom D20 Book. We also posted on Reddit about 3 months ago with this. It was custom made by other Co-Founder Reshoku (Conor). You can see the reddit post here if you want access to the full book and see what we created.

    Frankly we would love to talk about RoosterTeeth using the system we already built if you want to email us at

    Thanks and look forward to this!

  53. demonllama6124 says:

    Bring back RWBY chibi!!

    1. cheater59 says:


  54. Chase6691 says:

    I don’t just want the dice damn it I wanna play the game!

  55. astarael2 says:

    With regards to the DND style show set in Remnant, are you modifying an existing dnd rule set or rolling your own? And will you be releasing said rule set once you have it nailed down?

  56. FireballDragon says:

    Wondering when Chibi’ll come back.

  57. KeyLime21 says:

    Rwby d&d dice would be awesome

    1. churchdwc says:

      Please give us those dice!!

  58. AgentWashingtub008 says:

    This sounds awesome. I’m all about the fairytale shorts, as the World or Remnant is one of the RT projects I miss the most.

    Can’t wait to see who reads them to us each time.

    (Also my crackpot mind is curious if this had anything to do with the first Writing Challenge…)

    Profile customization will be sweet. I’m very excited about that.

  59. jazzybydefalt says:

    Yay! This is awesome y’all. I’m particulary exited for the Kerry One on One’s but this is all great. Gunna make the what to V8 more bearable! Thanks ❤

  60. mobius1ac says:

    I’ve been using RWBY as an inspiration for DnD games ever since I first got into the series! Seeing a game done by people on the inside would be amazing! I have also been working on a custom D20 game entirely unique to RWBY for the last few months.
    Name suggestion; Laying down the Shaw or Shaw and Order.

    1. mobius1ac says:

      Btw, if you are building characters for team RWBY, I’d recommend the Crusader class from Book of the Nine Swords for Yang. The main feature of that class is exactly what Yangs semblance is all about, delaying damage for a round and getting a damage boost.

      1. AZDfox says:

        I think a Sun Soul Monk is perfect for her, if you’re using 5e

        1. TearsOfLA says:

          Shadow monk/arcane archer for Ruby, Weiss is definitely a champion fighter.

      2. gdjo4201 says:

        interesting, i’ve actually been working on team JNPR as npc’s for a DCC campaign i run.

  61. Vaverlis says:

    RWBY D&D dice would make me resub to RT FIRST

  62. Ace117GS says:

    Possible names
    Behind the SEAnes with Neptune(
    Neptune’s Behind the SEAnes adventures
    A Semblance of understanding
    Its also a post show
    Behind the VALE ATLASt (behind the vale at last- quick reference to two kingdoms)
    Something mentioning Scrolls since they are so useful for information in RWBY.
    Fuck yea its Kerry!!!!… and RWBY stuff to but really DragonFace, hey whats Neptune up to
    That’s enough names that won’t be taken but were fun to think of.

    Love the D&D idea, getting back in myself and love watching people play. A collab with the official producers would be amazing. Having a monsters guide with the GRIMM would be amazing. Beowulf, Apathy, Ursa, Nuckalavee, wyvern, the sea monster blake and sun fought Leviathan, Manticore, Nevermore, the centipedes, the boar, death stalker, Geists with so many possibilities, griffon, sphinx, the bee things weiss fought and the queen for them, now the giant whale too. It would be glorious. Having people weave in existing semblances or facilitate the creation of new ones would also be awesome.

  63. GayngXiaoLong says:

    Ahhh!!!!! This is so exciting!!
    I just have one question! Is RWBY Chibi canceled or is it just not releasing episodes right now? The last episode was in 2018 and I really miss how funny it was.
    Thank you CRWBY for your hard work. V7 was AWESOME! <3

  64. tlight3 says:

    My hand is raised so high for them dice! Can’t wait to see what you guys do with the campaign and I’m looking forward to the bed time stories!

  65. dav_0518 says:

    Hmm, maybe for the behind the scenes, how about RWBY Cross Over With Kerry ?

  66. mw707 says:


    1. Kaylakaze says:

      We definitely need more Chibi. It’s probably done more to define the characters’ personalities than the actual show. The main show is too busy focusing on the adventure to provide the slice-of-life backstory stuff that we also need to fully connect with the characters. That was where Chibi worked best.

  67. lebutzki says:

    For the talk show, I would like to suggest the name Cross Talk.

  68. dragonmaster77 says:

    RWBY D&D Dice, yes I would like them, I would also like to buy them to use so please make them

  69. Zhana says:

    RWBY Dice sounds cool, but what about a rulebook for the campaign? I’d buy that in a heartbeat.

    As for Kerry’s show… Show-X-RWBY? X pronounced “Cross”, so like, a pun on his last name?

  70. brodymth90 says:

    Well, I’m not too creative with names, but I’ll list a few to try and help out.

    RWBY CHTR (chatter).
    RWBY TLKR (Talker)
    Speakers of Remnant (Like World of Remnant).
    How to play God: Starring Kerry Shawcross.
    Behind the Dust or Behind the Semblance.
    The Pen is a Gun.

  71. LucielG says:

    i just hope this doesnt take away funds from volume 8
    like rwby needs to be longer to properly develop characters like the ace ops, likw can you really describe Vine or Elm besides a basic description

  72. gregrwby says:

    Idea of name for your behind the scene show :

    -Behind the dust

    -From fairy tail to reality

    -Into CRWBY’s head

    I hope your guys can see my message!

  73. keoskey says:

    We need a prequel series when RWBY where kids growing up.

  74. BeeKind15 says:

    Behind the CRWBY Curtain
    CRWBY Conversations
    Mid Afternoon with Kerry Shawcross

    Just a few ideas, either way sounds amazing!!

  75. insanegreek says:

    RWBY inspired dice? Yes, yes, yes, yes please! (This coming from a guy that has too much dice already… probably would get like 5 sets lol)

    1. gdjo4201 says:

      as a DM who’s DM kit includes half a dozen full D&D dice sets, i understand.

  76. Freelancer_Amber says:

    If you can make that into an actual game you can sell, then I’m down for some RWBY D&D with other RWBY reactors.

    1. Tsunderita says:

      The 2D show sounds kinda interesting, but the rest sound boring. I’d prefer a Team STRQ spinoff or even After The Fall animated.

    2. gdjo4201 says:

      i just found your channel a month ago, i’m actually watching your video’s when i work on encounters for my rpg group’s sessions.

  77. Solet says:

    Get Michael to co-host the show and name it Kerry on my wayward Sun

    1. Eric_Duncan says:

      I love you

  78. BeanBun93 says:

    I would, love to see some RWBY dice sets

  79. booms1 says:

    I haven’t seen anyone give this name yet, so I think Shawc Talk would be great for the Kerry specific talk show.

  80. LLLLetsShadles says:

    This is all awesome, can’t wait! I missed the behind the scenes stuff without CRWBY and RWBY Rewind. Thank you CRWBY for all your hard work on volume 7 and beyond!

  81. Eirik0212 says:

    I have been looking for RWBY dice for awhile now so it would be great to have some official ones.

  82. flenniken1231 says:

    If you guys worked with Wizards of the Coast to put out an official 5e source book for RWBY, like Rick and Morty did, I’d have to give you my whole bank account.

    If you need a name for the D&D show, something like Guns and Grimm might work.

    This is all really cool, and I can’t wait!

    1. AZDfox says:

      YES! That would be incredible, and I would definitely buy it too. I mean, hp already acts like Aura as well.

  83. Agent24 says:

    Oh my gosh. These all sound awesome! That BTS talk show is gonna be so cool. The D&D show sounds like it’s going to be right up my alley and dice would be amazing!! (Though if I know a bunch of people would also dig a campaign guide if that’s a possibility so we can play at home with our friends.) And the bedtime stories show sounds really freaking neat with the mixed media presentation. I’m so stoked for this year.

  84. Akamaru01 says:

    You know I love me some BTS stuff. And DnD stuff. And more World of Remnant style fairy tale stuff.
    Basically: Give it to me now
    Name ideas:
    Behind the CRWBY
    KERY Talks RWBY
    Late Night in Remnant feat. Kerry Shawcross
    The World of RWBY
    Creating a Remnant
    Vacuo to Menagerie

  85. Rimmy_Jim says:

    I would like some RWBY D&D dice please and thank you.

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